BITCH PUDDING: My girlfriend was a freak, i was her first for everything though. i...


My girlfriend was a freak, i was her first for everything though. i took her virginity, oh the feel of her tight pussy, the way she dug her nails into my back trying to get away. i remember asking her if she wanted me to stop and how she bit down on the pillow and told me no, to keep going. she…

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BITCH PUDDING: Madeup sex story teaser


I didn’t like to be in control, i liked the idea of a man over powering me. i liked that when i was upset at my boyfriend, he knew how to put me in a better mood. I’d fight to get away from him and he’d always managed to get my clothes off without a problem.

i loved how he was aggressive with…

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Sex Under Stress

He rubs on clit while i’m grabbing on his dick. When i’m stressed out I turn into a real freaky chick.

He start kissing and sucking on me while I put bitemarks on his neck. He get hard and I get wet.

You already know that head is next. He eat it all up, so good , giving my heart a test. He want some in return, I lied and said i’ll do it after I rest.

He went back down making me moan and groan. I thought he was 16 , he ate it he was grown.

He got on top. I said “where the condom at?” He reached in his pocket and pulled out a magmum latex.

In the pussy he went dummy, putting dick in my tummy. Then he went back down and ate it up again , yummy ;)

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